What we do


Inform people about the value of reuse, to help reduce waste, save money and look after the environment.



Promote reuse organisations, enterprises and initiatives in the Bristol area.



Connect like minded people and organisations who are interested in Reuse. We hold regular networking and reuse events - See our calendar of upcoming events here.

What we believe in

The benefits of re-use are massive and are social - providing jobs, training, skills, opportunities for play, crafts and making - as well as environmental.

Our history


Initially called the Bristol Reuse Network, we were a group of representatives of various organisations, based in Bristol and working in the reuse field.

We united for a project to promote re-use in Bristol, and support each other in doing so.

We visioned and implemented a re-use centre at the St Philips Household Waste and Recycling Centre, working with the support of Bristol City Council. Our aim was to save some of the perfectly usable items from going to waste there, and to distribute them to social enterprises, charities and projects in the city.

We wanted to raise awareness about the quantity of valuable items thrown away and for positive social impact.

This pilot project ran during 4 months in 2016.  Unfortunately, for various (political, economic and logistic) reasons, it was not able to continue. But at least the report done ( click here to read it ) has been an important step for more reflections on this subject, showing we achieved our aims and proved our vision. 

We are glad to hear that Bristol Waste Company is now active in saving things at the HWRC's and might be able to open a Reuse Centre in the near future!


The group is still managed by volunteers (individuals, artists, representative of organisations), who all share a passion for reusing. We have decided to change our name to Campaign

Campaign is more inclusive and feels better to describe what we do: Inspire resourcefulness through waste reduction, re-use, repair, upcycling, use of surplus and intelligent system design as we aspire to become a circular economy city.