Initially called the Bristol Reuse Network, we were a group of representatives of various organisations, based in Bristol and working in the reuse field.

Our aim was to get united to carry on a pilot project at the St Philips Household and Waste Recycling Centre, where we were asking people to give us their furnitures still in good use to be redistributed to the organisation involved.

We wanted to raise awareness about the quantity of valuable items thrown away and get more resources for the local charities which could do a good use of them.

This pilot project ran during 4 months beginning of 2015. Our dream was to show the positive impact of such initiatives and to get support from Bristol City Council to create a Reuse Centre. Unfortunately, for various reasons, it was not the time for the project to get out of the ground. But as least the report done  (link to download the report) has been an important step for more reflections on this subject and we are glad to hear that Bristol Waste Company (link) is now more active in saving things from the tips and it's even starting collection materials for local charities and might be able to open a Reuse Centre in a close future!


The group is still managed by volunteers (individuals, artists, representative of organisations), who all share to passion for reusing. We have decided to change our name for Campaign. 

Campaign sounds more inclusive and feel better to describe what we do: promoting good initiatives about reusing, facilitation networking and organisation some reuse events.