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Bristol Reuse Campaign

(previously known as Bristol Reuse Network)

Inspire resourcefulness through waste reduction, re-use, repair, upcycling, use of surplus and intelligent system design as we aspire to become a circular economy city.

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The Sewing Skills Project

Quick News:

 Join us on Wednesday  22nd of May  for our regular meet up with an interactive workshop on understanding human motivations and barriers to reuse. The evening is being led by the informative and inspirational Livvy Drake, an ace in behaviour change theory and the circular economy. If you are interested in what's holding us back as individuals and a society from achieving more re-use towards a circular economy... then go to this! of 

In Centre Space, Bristol, 6-8pm.

More info here.

Open to everybody interested in re-use!  


If you are looking for the Bristol Reuse Network, you found us! We have changed our name from Network to Campaign, which we find more inclusive and more what we do!